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Industries advance and develop at an incredible pace, and the agricultural industry is no exception: changes in technology and legislation alone present enormous challenges for the future of farming. For those who want to embrace these challenges the rewards can be substantial.

As the world’s population grows, the increased demand for food offers real opportunities for farmers and landowners. It’s predicted that the demand for dairy products will rise steadily and surely, securing excellent margins in the long term for landowners with the right milk production system.

What can grasslands offer landowners?

With an increasing amount of legislation and complexity within the agricultural industry, many farmers or landowners are now looking to step back a little from the hard, day-to-day business of running their farms. However, understandably they are keen to stay involved and in control of the farm, and most importantly to remain in their family home, the farmhouse.

Where landowners are lacking a family member to succeed them, or a suitable manager to take over and drive profitability, Grasslands have the ideal solution.

Grasslands will work with the landowner to ensure that they continue to enjoy the farming lifestyle - staying as involved as they wish while benefiting from the specialist management skills and financial returns that Grasslands can offer.

Regular management meetings keep the landowner updated with all the latest information about the farm’s operations and finances.

Grasslands’ dairy management service is based on an extensive grazing system: landowners with farms suitable for producing milk from grass can immediately look forward to excellent prospects for long-term profitability. Grasslands will also work with landowners whose farms have the right potential: they will support any investment needed to adapt a farm to an extensive grazing system, ensuring a long, productive future. Grasslands will project manage all development work, relieving the landowner of the stress and strain associated with that level of undertaking.

Grasslands have an outstanding reputation for reliably managing dairy farms on behalf of landowners - adapting suitable farms to a system of extensive grazing which maximises returns for both the landowner and the company.

The Grasslands service is a unique balance: the grass-based system they implement and manage is very simple, while the focus on technical developments and innovation is dynamic. Grasslands are known as the clear industry leaders at implementing lean management into their various farming operations.

The Grasslands approach is a balance too: they provide the personal, bespoke service that could be expected from a small, family-run business with the professional expertise and ambition of a much larger company.

The Grasslands solution ensured our farm remained well managed and profitable, giving us a better chance to succeed in today's competitive and volatile markets.
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