Maximising the productivity of

cattle and people alike.

The Grasslands System

Grasslands operates an extensive grazing system across all its farms, with each unit milking a minimum of 200 cows on a block calving pattern. The system relies on grass growth and accurate measures of food consumption.

Each farm is managed by a fully trained Unit Manager who is supported by the Grasslands Operations Director. Specialist software has been developed specifically for Grasslands to monitor and control the farms’ operations.

In addition, systems and procedures have been introduced across all farms to deliver reliable profitability year on year and to adapt to any regulatory changes.

Grasslands have also developed a specific breeding policy where suitable cows for the grazing system are bred and their replacements reared internally.

Working alongside Grasslands, the landowner receives a return for providing the land and buildings; Grasslands receives a return for providing its management services. The rewards are distributed between the two parties ensuring that they both remain firmly focused on maximising the farm’s efficiency.

Whilst the approach at Grasslands is very much a personal and flexible one, their vast experience allows them to offer a high degree of professionalism. In achieving this balance they are able to maximise each farm’s efficiency, boosting profitability for both parties.

The Grasslands solution ensured our farm remained well managed and profitable, giving us a better chance to succeed in today's competitive and volatile markets.
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