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Clive Hall FarmPoplars FarmCholmondeston Hall Farm

Clive Hall Farm is currently unique amongst our clients in that its tenant, Philip Asbury, is also a member of the Grasslands team. This arrangement has worked brilliantly for both parties, and highlights the real flexibility of the Grasslands model.

Philip is obviously intimately familiar with Clive Hall Farm, having been born and grown up there. He has worked at the farm all of his working life and Paul eventually took over the tenancy from his father in 1997. Since then, he has been keen to strike a balance between generating a decent profit and enjoying time with family. In 2007, he entered into a 15 year contract farming agreement with Grasslands in order to achieve this lifestyle. Grasslands provides both technical and administrative assistance, easing the burden and allowing Phil to focus on his other interests.

As a member of the Grasslands team, Phil has also benefited from a supportive training and development programme. In turn, Phil has combined this new knowledge of grazing systems with years of farming experience to train our own new, young members. He has also worked closely with our Managing Director, Andrew Fletcher, to understand and successfully implement lean management practices. He’s even written us a blog or two! Ultimately, working with Clive Hall Farm has been a massively beneficial experience for both Phil and ourselves.


Working with Grasslands has allowed me to focus on the aspects of dairy farming that I know and love best. I now have a much improved lifestyle and considerably better returns in the process.


Philip Asbury, Clive Hall Farm

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