Group Discussion On Fertility

I was given time away from Clive Hall Farm today, but only allowed as far as a local farm in Congleton. I met up again with a small group of farmers within the monitor farm group to discuss fertility – an important topic for us spring block calving units at this time of year.

As the Unit Manager for the monitor farm, I was asked about our recent farm activity. I shared with them that this year the cows started bulling from late March, and the target was to have 80% of the tail paint rubbed off by the end of April, with the remaining 20% of cows obviously having not expressed heat.

I stated that I needed to focus on those 20% of cows at this point to improve the chance of cycling. I would use the help of Ed Haynes our vet from Wright and Morten Vets to check their reproductive tracts with an ultrasound scanner. We would also consider diet, grass/nutrition and consider a small group of problem cows being milked once per day.




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